Delve into the mystical Himalayan mountains and valleys to find one of the most peacefully and beautifully located Himalayan kingdom, unique, yet  very global in its own doings and beliefs. Discover Bhutan, a diverse country filled with centuries of a  variety of dialects , ancient monuments, and a rich cultural  and traditional heritage that adds to the glory and essence of the lives of the citizens of the country. On this mystical tour, one will  explore several of the worlds greatest treasures of amazing monuments such as the forts & stupas, behold spectacular scenery, participate and enjoy a rich cultural heritage and experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals. As a hub of the spiritual well being, where happiness is prioritised over the GDP of the country, Bhutan paints an exotic picture of contentment and tranquility.

The country shares its borders with China in the North  and India to the South. Bhutan is known as ‘The Switzerland of Asia’ for its mountainous topography and similarity to Swiss landscapes. Bhutan has over the decades believed and practiced sustainable development as a result of which 62% of its natural environment  is still intact. Thanks to this, Bhutan is  home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and plants.

One will also have the chance to see  many of the temples, including  the spectacular Buddha point, the Memorial chorten, the 108 small monuments and forts constructed with clay and pine wood. Words and photos simply cant describe these amazing structures. They must be visited in person! Beyond the temples, and travelling through the valleys and mountains, enjoy some free time to explore & interact with Bhutanese people.

Visit to Bhutan could be a vacation of a lifetime that  will compel  a tourist to repeat their trip.

There are more to be experienced and lived for in Bhutan. If you are a traveller seeking a new adventure into the last ShangriLa, Bhutan is a place one should not miss from  adding to the bucket list and living these lists.

So pack your camera and get ready for a vacation that will  delight all your senses!

Our Tour Packages

Culture Tour

We offer customize culture tour such as visit sightseeing Dzong, Monasteries, nature, farm-house, hiking, hot-stone bath, local food etc as per your interest.

Festival Tour

Bhutan has well preserved ancient culture such as unique festivals. The festivals is celebrate in different location and date. Contact us for information.


“I highly recommend Of Bhutan Divine Hills and Valleys Toues & Treks for a trip to Bhutan.
Our guide, Leki, made sure we had beautiful accommodations, that we were comfortable, and that we had an amazing time in Bhutan!  He went the extra mile with authentic Bhutanese picnics – butter tea, red rice, chicken, kewa datshe (potatoes, chillies & local cheese) at scenic vistas.  His knowledge of Bhutan and understanding of what we would want to do and see was insightful and incredibly helpful.We felt at home in this welcoming culture of warm and friendly people, engaging in their daily lives and enjoying majestic sites, reverent temples, and breathtaking landscapes.
Kadrin Chey La! (thank you)
By Mrs. Caryn Parker, from  Michigan- USA.